Our Founders

Rick Scarpello

CEO / Founder

Rick Scarpello, CEO and founding partner of Medically Correct, LLC, is a food expert with a focus on Operations and Compliance. Rick is a serial entrepreneur full of game-changing ideas. Go to his website, rickscarpello.com and see some things he has done in his career and read the page 100 government studies to blow your mind!

Scarpello’s innovative thinking and inquisitive mind drove him to develop several businesses. In addition to Medically Correct, LLC (Colorado license holder), R & B Distribution LLC (packaging and ingredient distribution), Ma Hua LLC (CBD food company), he is the founding partner of Sproutwell LLC, specializing in gluten-free sprouted grains and also Alien Grains LLC, a fledgling gluten-free beer company. Most recently DataCann.com is the new ERP Software company that will soon blow up and be multi-state pulling information into the METRC system.

Earlier in his career, Scarpello crafted the recipe for Flourish Gluten-Free Bread later partnering with Udi’s, the number one gluten-free product in it’s category. Rick’s leadership moved Udi’s and earlier Il Fornaio Bakeries into the frozen par-baked bread category, increasing the opportunity for expansion. His original and creative concepts have pushed companies to nation-wide success.

Bob Eschino

President / Founder

Bob Eschino is the Founder and President of Medically Correct, LLC, which is best known for its trusted brand incredibles, the number one cannabis infused edible producer in Colorado. As an expert in the packaging industry, Bob partnered with food expert and serial entrepreneur, Rick Scarpello to form Medically Correct, LLC in 2010.

Spending most of his life in Colorado, Bob fully immersed himself in the culture. He graduated from Colorado State University with a double major in business, then went on to work in the packaging industry. One of his first jobs while attending school was as a Sushi Chef, although his first love was music as a drummer. Eventually Bob started his own business, a packaging distribution company that became the largest independent distributor in the state.

Bob’s continued success is evident in his current venture with Medically Correct, LLC and incredibles’ sales, marketing, business development, and national expansion. Outside of his career, Bob enjoys playing and coaching hockey, skiing, golfing, and fly-fishing.

Derek S. Cumings

Owner / Founder

Derek S. Cumings, co-founder of edible powerhouse incredibles and inventor of ‘The Incredible Extractor’ has over a decade of experience inside of the legal cannabis industry. Being a patient and starting one of the first 10 legal dispensaries in Colorado, In Harmony Wellness, Derek has made a name for himself as one of the leading minds in cannabis. After local regulation forced the closing of that shop he was able to move on using that frustration to fuel his journey further. At a fateful meeting with Rick Scarpello and Bob Eschino in the kitchen of Medically Correct he merely suggested they change their bakery into a chocolate factory fueled by bho. A seed was planted that would eventually grow into one of the largest family of brands in cannabis. Simultaneously Derek was helping develop other names and brands. As lab manager at Pink House Labs he honed his hash making skills and pioneered processes such as single solvent winterization (better known as dewaxing), there he also began developing a plan for a new closed loop extractor. Rejoining the incredibles team in 2014, he had the opportunity to build out a new grow and start a new branch of the company ‘incredible extracts’. That year he partnered to start MC Machinery, the makers of The Incredible Extractor, the closed loop system now trusted by many of the top extraction laboratories around the world. With control of the plant from garden to lab and using his own genetics and technology he has brought many things like Orange Soda to the world. Recently he has brought his own unique brand of personal wellness to light through the latest Medically Correct Brand ‘incredible Wellness’. Having been in this industry from its very beginnings as a patient, caregiver and now business owner, Derek’s influence will continue to impact the cannabis movement for years to come.

Josh Fink

National Executive Chef / Founder

Joshua is a classically trained Pastry Chef. His passion for pastries and confections began as a small child, when he would marvel at the magic of learning to make sweet treats at the holidays with his family. He has spent the past 20 years creating delights in many of the Colorado Front Range’s finer culinary institutions. Through pastry and developments in food science, he is forwarding the goal at Medically Correct to create a familiar and simple method of incorporating cannabis into contemporary existence, thus improving the quality of life for everyone. He spends his free time with friends tossing boules about Denver’s lovely parks and inspiring his niece to appreciate the finer points of gastronomy.