Super B-Rad (Bradley)

Bradley Tresp, a 4-year-old suffering from a severe and rare form of epilepsy known as Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

“I watched daily pharmaceuticals fail,” said Khristina Tresp, Bradley’s mother. “But the incredible Wellness 1:1 tincture has been our solution and our saving grace for Bradley. He has already shown significant results.”

“We use both THC and CBD to combat and suppress seven different types of seizures. Even his epileptologist was blown away by the suppression she saw. My son used to slam his head and bust his face open from multiple daily atonic seizures. He used to seize so many different types of seizures in a day that I could barely keep up. But now he can enjoy his days and be a 4-year-old and wear me out the way he is supposed to!”

-Khristina Tresp


Age: 6 years old (she has been taking 10:1 THC:CBD oil made by incredible extracts since she was 4yrs.)

As you may already know, we have achieved phenomenal results using the cannabis oil we have been getting from Medically Correct for over a year.

We relocated to Colorado in 2014 to obtain legal medical cannabis for Nova when we ran out of viable options in our home state of Texas. After trying and failing nine pharmaceutical drugs to stop the seizures by the time she was two; we were given the option for brain surgery: a lobectomy and a corpus callosotomy. The idea was that we would split her brain in half, disconnecting the two sides, and then remove any brain matter left on the right side of her head. We decided to move to Colorado and try cannabis first.

Before Medically Correct came into our lives, Nova’s seizures WERE reduced significantly with the use of FECO. However, the oil was untested, inconsistent, and Nova still had seizures like clockwork every couple of weeks to every month. We were more than willing to accept that, as she seized almost constantly before we came to Colorado. We never expected Novaleigh to live a seizure free life. And then we met you.

Nova took her first dose of your cannabis oil and went six months without a seizure. Her seizure free streak did eventually end when she was diagnosed with a UTI that went undetected for over a week. Sadly, the infection did trigger seizure activity for her. But it was the first time in her life she had gone six months seizure free, ever.

Subsequently, Novaleigh went eight months without seizing at all! An ear infection caused her seizure free streak to end.  She had tubes placed in the beginning of September of this year (2017). Currently, we are 2.5 months seizure free again and going strong.

Nova’s cannabis oil has helped with countless other things, including development and production of anterior pituitary hormones that she now regulates on her own, consistently. However, getting rid of the horrific seizures that used to control her life and could have easily taken this baby away from us at any time, has without a doubt been the most wonderful thing I will ever have the honor of witnessing in my life.

Thank you Medically Correct.