The Colorado Cannabis Industry, Then and Now

Just over 10 years ago, at the onset of Colorado medical cannabis legalization, Medically Correct was founded with a mission to truly help people.  It started with the incredibles chocolate bar line, which now, is the highest volume edibles company in Colorado!  Through innovation and with patient feedback, our founders — Rick Scarpello, Bob Eschino, Derek Cumings, and Josh fink — helped shape the industry in the state and across the nation.

As consumer trends have shifted and luxury cannabis products have come to market, we realized that affordable, everyday luxury wasn’t available to Colorado’s cannabis consumers.  Enter Nové, a line of filled chocolate edibles – created not only to fill this gap (no pun intended!), but to also express our deep love of culinary creativity. 

Nove Sea Salt Caramel luxury cannabis chocolates resting on a slate surface with kitchen utensils. The new line is hand crafted by Medically Correct's Co-Founder and Executive Chef, Josh Fink.

Q&A with Cannabis Chef Josh Fink

We had a chance to sneak into the Nové kitchen for a Q&A sesh with Co-Founder and Executive Chef, Josh Fink.  In this blog post, Josh tells us about the beginning of his culinary journey and what first inspired him to step foot in the kitchen.  He also discusses how cannabis played a key role in his personal life, which turned into a passion that made a significant impact on his career. 

Arguably, his discovery also heavily contributed to today’s cannabis edible selection!  Now, in 2021, you’ll find a large variety of cannabis chocolates and confections; and more is yet to come, which Josh touches on in this Q&A.  

When asked what in his career he’s most proud of, Josh responded: 

Helping to make cannabis understandable and accessible for anyone.

Read more about Josh’s story on the Nové website:

Josh Fink, Co-Founder and Executive Chef at Medically Correct, picking up a piece of Nove Luxury Chocolates.