Bradley Tresp, a 4-year-old suffering from a severe and rare form of epilepsy known as Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

“I watched daily pharmaceuticals fail,” said Khristina Tresp, Bradley’s mother. “But the incredible Wellness 1:1 tincture has been our solution and our saving grace for Bradley. He has already shown significant results.”

“We use both THC and CBD to combat and suppress seven different types of seizures. Even his epileptologist was blown away by the suppression she saw. My son used to slam his head and bust his face open from multiple daily atonic seizures. He used to seize so many different types of seizures in a day that I could barely keep up. But now he can enjoy his days and be a 4-year-old and wear me out the way he is supposed to!”

-Khristina Tresp