Before the regulated industry, cannabis consumers who desired the relaxing, body-encompassing high of edibles sought out cannabutter recipes and baked infused treats in their own kitchens.  However, because cannabis flower grows in a wide range of potencies and there was no method of testing homogeneity, the effects of the homemade pot brownie were inconsistent.  Now, licensed manufacturers test their edibles, allowing new users and those with low tolerances to experiment safely — but it’s more than just that.  Here are the top 4 reasons why consistency matters when it comes to cannabis edibles. 

1. Consistent Edibles Ensure A Safe Experience

Though obvious and mentioned above, consistent dosing ensures that the edible consumer is aware of how much THC they’ve ingested and what to expect before the effects kick in. Unlike smoking or vaping, which provide nearly immediately psychoactive effects, the onsite time of edibles is far longer. Traditionally-made edible marijuana products generally take 30 minutes to as long as 3 hours for noticeable changes in perception, and this delay is often the reason new users overindulge.

Three Quiq fast-acting cannabis chocolates are stacked in front of a blue background.

Just as you shouldn’t exceed the recommended dosage for pharmaceuticals, or eat three slices of your grandmother’s pound cake, overconsuming cannabis is not a good idea.

Avoid an uncomfortable experience and follow our mantra: start low, go slow.  If the wait time causes you to be hesitant about experimenting with edibles, know that new, fast-acting products are becoming increasingly available at dispensaries.  For example, Quiq, an innovative line made with rapid absorption technology, allows users to feel effects in just 5-15 minutes.

2. You Save Money When You Buy Edibles from Licensed Dispensaries

For anyone who’s shopped in a licensed dispensary, this may seem untrue. Flower always appears to be priced more affordably than edibles, right? Why not just buy an eighth and make your own infused goods at home? Well, consider this: when making a homemade edible, you’re unsure about the dosing and are significantly more likely to overconsume, thereby wasting your precious, and often expensive, cannabis flower.

In addition to that, if you’re cooking with cannabis at home, you’re likely creating cannabutter in a baked good. Brownies, rice cereal treats, and cookies are most common -- but consider shelf life. In a few days, those delicious confections will go stale; again increasing your likelihood of waste.

Infused chocolate bars and candy crafted by industry experts are made to last up to several months. Plus, the majority of adult consumers only need 5-10mg of THC to feel effects, meaning a 100mg edible package, the standard in most dispensaries, provides 10-20 uses. Not too bad for $15-20!

3. You Can Confidently Make Recommendations to Friends and Family

If you’re a medical cannabis consumer, which many of us are, it wouldn’t surprise us if you have a testimony about how the plant has changed your life for the better. Most of the team at Medically Correct can relate! Whether you’ve experienced a reduction in stress, pain, or otherwise, you’ve likely shared your success with those who you’re close to.

incredibles cannabis-infused Fire Mints and Ice Mints are stylishly displayed on a white surface. Microdosing is preferred among new consumers; safety is the number one reason consistency matters when it comes to cannabis edibles.

But as Leafly points out, many popular strains which share the same name are, in fact, quite different in terms of cannabinoid and terpene content, and that means effects can vary significantly.  They found that Durban Poison and Pineapple Express are among the least consistent.  You might love these strains, but maybe you’d shy away from recommending them to a friend, as they might have a completely different reaction.

Now, edibles are a different story.  To ensure quality control, edibles’ THC is added in the form of an extract, which can be precisely measured down to the milligram.  Not just that, but when creating an extract such as distillate, nearly all of the plant’s lipids, terpenes, and cannabinoids are stripped away except for THC.  This simplifies your body’s reaction and unlike individual’s responses to various, complex strains, overall, isolated THC produces a very consistent effect from person to person. 

4. Consistent Edibles Allow You To Enjoy Your Favorite Flavors, Time and Time Again

Just as you’d expect your favorite grocery store items to taste the same across all retailers, cannabis businesses are aiming to create that same trust and dependability for their edible products.  As more and more states legalize marijuana, the market has expanded to include more knowledgeable consumers that demand not only consistent THC dosing, but also reliable quality and flavor.

While any edible product you buy at a dispensary requires lab testing for THC content, deliciousness isn’t always a guarantee.  For the best experience, we recommend that you choose premium edibles created by established companies, as industry expertise often translates to better ingredients and more knowledgeable chefs. 

Nove cannabis-infused luxury chocolates pedestaled on a silver tray with other delicious pastries and coffees surrounding them. The blue tablecloth creates a stark contrast.

Where To Find Consistent Cannabis Edibles

Now that you understand the importance of consistency and the benefits of purchasing edibles from a licensed dispensary, are you curious where to shop?  In Colorado, you can order online and pick up from your local dispensary; and if you’re a fan of Medically Correct, discover where to find our brands and products by visiting our store locator.

What’s your favorite edible?  Do you have any tips for new consumers?  Comment your suggestions below, and share this post on social to continue the conversation!