How to Buy Cannabis in Colorado

8 Tips on How to Buy Edibles in Colorado

Cannabis edibles in Colorado have evolved significantly over the last decade. They've transitioned from homemade pot brownies to legal, perfectly-dosed treats. Gooey caramels, chocolate bars, THC and CBD gummies, and microdosed mints are among the many diverse shapes and sizes available. But buying and trying edibles for the first time can be a bit intimidating. To ensure a great experience, here are 8 tips on how to buy edibles in Colorado.

Consider Your Dose 

If you have a sweet tooth but standard recreational tolerance, maybe you’d prefer to have several 2.5mg bites than just one 10mg piece. On the other hand, perhaps you’re a medical patient that requires a 200mg dose. More than likely, two 100mg bites are preferred over twenty 10mg pieces! 

Point being, THC tolerance among novice consumers, daily users, and medical patients varies greatly. But here’s a generalized list regarding adult-use tolerance: 

But of course, this is only a generalization and likely best to guide new users. If you’re a patient seeking medical advice regarding dosing, contact Leaf 411, a free hotline allowing conversations with licensed, cannabis-trained nurses.  

Choose a Product that Contains a Proper Amount of THC

Once you've determined your ideal dose, whether you're a heavyweight seeking 100mg or a newbie seeking 10mg, be sure to choose a proper product. The packaging will include lab test information from a third party, the amount of THC and CBD in milligrams per serving, and the number of servings in a package.

Review Other Label Information 

The label will tell you whether the edible is butter or oil-infused, or if it was created with a solvent-based extraction. The packaging will also include a list of ingredients, nutritional facts, and any allergy information. These days, cannabis companies consider users’ allergies and dietary restrictions, so know that gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and more options are available.

Additionally, the product's packaging should explicitly state that it contains cannabis. There should be a plainly visible THC icon on the label. This will prevent accidental consumption by family members, roommates, house guests, etc. If you have kids and pets around the house, keep the edibles out of their reach.

Consume Responsibly 

Though weed is legal in Colorado, it doesn't mean you abuse its use. We believe that cannabis should enhance your daily life; not in any way hinder it. Select an edible that complements your way of living and needs. 

If you’re seeking creativity, consider a terpene-infused sativa gummy. If you’re consuming to improve the quality of your sleep, maybe a CBN-infused edible would benefit you. 

Always Ask your Budtender for Suggestions

Terpenes and novel cannabinoids might be foreign to new consumers, but that’s where your budtender comes in. A competent salesperson can assist you in selecting an appropriate edible that suits your needs. Plus, they’ve likely tried everything on the shelves, so they can provide honest, first-hand recommendations. 

Big marijuana buds in glass jar. Harvest weed process for buds

Don’t Combine Cannabis and Alcohol

We all know that cannabis and alcohol don't complement each other. Edibles are not an exception to this rule. If you're going to consume edibles, it's best to stay away from alcohol until the effects have subsided. 

Furthermore, if you take them both simultaneously, you won't be able to distinguish between the effects of the edible and the alcohol, which could affect your future dosing.

Remember Cannabis Can Interfere with Other Medications

Cannabis-infused products can interact with other medications, causing adverse side effects. Did you know that there are some situations where using cannabis can make other drugs stronger or weaker?

CBD (cannabidiol), a marijuana and hemp flower byproduct, is currently the subject of increased research. Since CBD is processed in the liver, taking other medicines that use the same pathway can change how well the body processes them.

CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the active compound of cannabis) have been demonstrated in lab research to impact enzymes involved in processing a wide range of drugs. They include blood thinners and antidepressants, suggesting that cannabis could potentially modify their function.

But there isn't much research in this field, unfortunately. So, if you're regularly on medication, it's a good idea to consult a cannabis medicine professional or doctor before consuming marijuana. Please reach out to our partners at Leaf 411 for a free consultation.

Doctor hand offering bud of medical cannabis and pills. Concept of choise of traditional medications and cannabis

Identify the Best Type of Weed Edibles to Buy

There are various types of weed edibles, some of which are:

Food Edibles

These are the most frequently-used type of edible, and to many, it remains the best (and most tasty!) edible. You can find a wide variety of full-spectrum food edibles, such as chocolates, gummies, and cookies, as well as other savory snacks.  

Drink Edibles

THC-infused beverages include coffee, tea, mocktails, and sodas. When it comes to drinks, be sure to double-check dosing. Most are “single-serve” products that allow you to drink the entire can in one sitting, often dosed at 10mg THC. However, others come with a dosing cap, similar to what you’d see with over-the-counter liquid medications. 


These are MCT oil-based or alcohol-based extracts. Tinctures are designed to be absorbed by the tongue and mouth. When using a tincture, you slip a few drops under your tongue and allow them to absorb orally for a few minutes. The cannabis in the tincture then enters the bloodstream and produces the effects. Tinctures have been around for a while, although they are not as popular as other edibles.

Cannabis capsules

Cannabis capsules are often preferred by medical patients, providing an effective and safe oral delivery mechanism. These capsules are often flavorless and offer a discrete method of ingesting THC. 

Where to Purchase Edibles

Edibles can be purchased at a legalized marijuana dispensary, which can be found in most counties throughout Colorado. Note that most dispensaries sell edibles online, too, which makes for even more convenient pick-ups. 

If you’re looking for a long-standing, credible company, consider edibles made by Medically Correct. We are dedicated to patient care, and we pride ourselves in producing products that suit our customers’ needs. Our brands include incredibles, Nove, and Quiq, available in hundreds of retailers you can discover using our store locator.  

Where To Buy Edibles in Colorado

Where To Buy Edibles in Colorado 

Colorado is known for its top-tier dispensaries with high-quality THC products on every shelf. Not sure where to buy edibles in Colorado? We've created a guide to some of our favorite dispensaries to find the best THC edibles in the state. 

Whether you're curious about cannabis-infused products or want to try something new, these dispensaries have a large selection of potent and delicious edibles to fit your needs. From exploring downtown Denver to Boulder and beyond, there's always something special at the shops on our list. 


Denver is known across the country as the hub for all things cannabis. We’re lucky to have some of the best dispensaries in the state at our fingertips. You can find a massive selection of edibles across Denver for the perfect night out or a quiet night in.

Mile High Green Cross

Mile High Green Cross is a long-standing dispensary in Denver. They have offered the best of the best in edibles and more since 2009. Mile High is a well-established part of the Broadway street scene, making every visit memorable. They’re centrally located to make any day or night out downtown an even better experience. 

The team at MHGC is as knowledgeable as they come, making your first or fifteenth time just as special. As the first Colorado winners of the Cannabis Cup, they don’t mess around with the mediocre. You can find friendly faces and a wealth of cannabis education behind the inconspicuous doors. We’re fortunate to have our products on their shelves where you can find incredibles in every flavor. 

Local Product of Colorado 

One of the largest selections of edibles in Colorado can be found behind the doors of Local Product of Colorado. Another well-established Denver favorite, Local Product has been serving the cannabis community since 2009. 

Their passion for the industry has led them to be a premier dispensary for both medical patients and recreational enthusiasts. You will find some of the best THC edibles, gummies, and other tasty treats lining the shelves. Local Product of Colorado focuses on the care behind the plant with a team full of educated and elevated budtenders ready to help you make the best edible choice for you. 

Higher Grade Elati 

Higher Grade Elati is the Downtown Denver answer to quick, cared for, and exceptionally cultivated cannabis products. Not only are they known for their commitment to cultivation, but Higher Grade also provides the best service on the block. The team is made up of highly knowledgeable budtenders prepared to give you their expert recommendations. 

If you’re headed out of the city, make sure to stop at Higher Grade for a quick pick-me-up. If you are looking for a clean, cared-for experience, look no further than Higher Grade. 


Boulder is a creative hub with some of the best dispensaries and edibles in Colorado. You can find great shows, great beer, and a buzzing atmosphere thanks to its college town roots. 

Magnolia Road Cannabis 

Boulder has no shortage of great dispensaries, but one of our favorites is a hit for high-quality edibles in Colorado. Magnolia Road Cannabis services recreational purchasers directly next to their medical patient facility. Not only does Magnolia have some of the most affordable options, but they also carry one of the largest selections of edibles in the area. 

Magnolia Road has some of the most friendly staff in Boulder. There is always a smile and good conversation to greet you when you step inside. The staff also know a thing or two about their menu and can always give expert recommendations on products that may be best for you. You will find an individualized approach to product selection with team members who want to make sure you get the best edibles around. 

The Farm 

The Farm North Boulder is another Colorado dispensary with a large selection of high-quality edibles. At The Farm, you will be welcomed back with good vibes and even better buds. The Farm has curated a funky, 70’s vibe that takes us back to the real roots of cannabis culture. Not only is The Farm one of the best dispensaries in Boulder, but it is also proudly women-owned and led by a diverse staff. Boulder is known for its uniqueness and The Farm shows us why. 

The edible selection at The Farm is loaded with some of our favorite incredibles bars. Some favorites from The Farm’s menu are the elusive Monkey Bar. Of course, while in Boulder you can’t pass up an opportunity for a Boulder Bar. You can find the perfect THC edible snack to get you to the lifts or out exploring in the mountains when going through Boulder. 


Fort Collins has one of the largest selections of edibles in Northern Colorado. Another bustling college town, Fort Collins has plenty of trails and a great downtown scene to keep you entertained all day. 

Organic Alternatives 

Organic Alternatives has quickly become a favorite for edibles with locals and visitors to Fort Collins. With both medical and recreational options, there is no shortage of availability of high-quality products. They also work hard to cultivate responsibility with a focus on sustainable practices both inside and out. 

Organic Alternatives is as Colorado as they come, being locally-owned and operated and growing local Colorado cannabis. The staff at Organic Alternatives are always welcoming and filled with knowledge about all of the edibles on their menu. 

You can stop into the dispensary on East Mountain Ave. and pick up a Nové Raspberry Bramble Bar before grabbing a bite and a brew. They also have a huge selection of edible gummies. When you’re going on an all-day adventure of heading downtown, they are a great addition to any adventure. 

Solace Meds 

Solace Meds is another of Fort Collins's amazing dispensaries with a large selection of THC edibles. Solace is one of Fort Collins’ best-kept secrets, nestled into the foothills outside of the Rocky Mountains. They’ve developed a rewards system that has recreational and medical patients returning time and time. 

Their great selection of edibles is tough to beat and as the largest dispensary in South Fort Collins, there’s always something exciting coming to their shelves. Make sure you stop in and say hi, or get one of their expert budtenders’ tips for the best THC edibles in Colorado. 

Colorado Springs 

Colorado Springs has idyllic scenery and an amazing selection of edibles for medical patients to enjoy. It is a medical-only territory, except for Maggie’s Farm and Emerald Fields, both located in Manitou Springs. Colorado Springs has some of the best outdoor experiences around with Pikes Peak, Garden Of The Gods, and Manitou Springs all within a close area. They also have fantastic food and a fun nightlife so you’ll have no shortage of places to visit. 

Grow Life 

Grow Life has recently moved to a fantastic location right on Garden of the Gods Road. When you’re headed out for an exciting day with all that Colorado Springs has to offer, you should stop in to Grow Life for the best selection of edibles. After 10 years in the Springs, Grow Life has developed one of the premier patient spots. 

Grow Life also takes educating their staff seriously to help guide each medical patient to their personalized choices. As a medical dispensary, they also can assist with any questions or concerns about your patient's status. With its new location, Grow Life is a great pit stop on your way through the Garden of the Gods. The menu is always fully stocked with your favorite edibles.

The Green House

The Green House doesn’t just specialize in high-quality edibles and cannabis products. They also work daily to help medical patients receive access to their medical cards and navigate the new patient process. 

The Green House has a large selection of lab-tested medical products to cater to every type of patient in Colorado Springs. First-time visitors to The Green House get a welcome gift as well as education on the assortment of top-tier edibles. The Green House keeps a steady rotation of potent edibles in stock so it’s a good idea to check out the menu online before stopping by. 


When you’re heading south, you have to stop through Pueblo for a great spread of delicious edibles. Pueblo has seen a rebirth in its tourism which means more dispensaries and more activities. You’ll find beautiful open spaces and a cool southwestern feel. If you're looking for recreational sales close to Colorado Springs, Pueblo is the perfect pit stop. 

Cannabis Depot 

Pueblo is a hidden gem in southern Colorado known for beautiful views and a delicious edibles selection. Cannabis Depot has a stash of THC edibles to help you get through any Colorado road trip. 

Cannabis Depot is known in Pueblo for its friendly staff and amazing daily deals. The Cannabis Depot team has worked hard to help develop something Pueblo can be proud of. When you stop by, you’ll be greeted by people whose mission is to help you find the best THC products for you. They work to find you an individualized plan for whatever you may be feeling, or if you want to spice up your day. 

Here, you can find a wide array of lab-tested and locally-approved edibles. Cannabis Depot is your one-stop shop for tasty THC edibles in Pueblo. You can browse the website to get a feel for what you want or give the store a call and the friendly staff can walk you through each step. 

Maggie's Farm 

Maggie’s Farm handles more green than just cannabis. They are the premier Clean Green Certified cannabis retailer in Pueblo. Maggie's Farm focuses on crafting high-quality cannabis that is unaltered from its natural healing state. The staff at Maggie’s Farm know their menu like the back of their hand and can assist you in making the best decision on edibles. You get a farm-to-table experience without the farm-to-table prices as Maggie’s Farm bridges the gap between affordability and quality. 

The welcoming atmosphere and relaxed vibes of Maggie’s Farm make any new patient or curious enthusiast instantly comfortable. They have also been voted a Leafly’s #1 Store in the State and have made the Best In Colorado List every year since. Pueblo has also awarded Maggie’s Farm as the Best Medical Dispensary in Pueblo. Bringing the best service to Pueblo and beyond means that Maggie’s Farm takes pride in the education, and elevation they bring to the Colorado cannabis community. 

If you’re heading southwest and want to enjoy some scenery, stop through Maggie’s Farm for an infused treat. Maggie's Farm makes browsing their menu even easier with quick access to their website. 

Find Colorado-Made Edibles Near You

Whether you're craving something funky from incredibles, a slice of luxury from Nové, or just need something quick from Quiq, our dispensary partners have you covered from Pueblo to Fort Collins. You can find gummies, mints, tarts, and of course, infused chocolate on any of these dispensary menus. Find the best edibles in Colorado at some of our favorite retailers today!

Bush Flowering herb hemp with seeds and flowers. Concept breeding of marijuana, cannabis, legalization.

Federal Cannabis Legalization in 2021

Most people who have been involved in shaping our nation’s legal cannabis industry would agree it has been far from smooth sailing. State by state legalization, for all its triumphs, has had plenty of shortcomings and tends to cause a lot of confusion. The constant back and forth conversations about federal cannabis legalization in 2021 leave much to the imagination. Is it going to happen? What will it mean for states who already have legalization? How will it change the manufacturing and sales processes for established cannabis companies?

One thing’s for certain: the federally legal status of cannabis in 2021, and going into 2022, is anyone’s guess.

A marijuana flag waving outside of the white house, advocating for federal cannabis legalization.

How many states in the U.S. have a legal cannabis industry?

As of now, Nebraska and Idaho are the only states with no form of cannabis legalization whatsoever, but 12 states only allow low-THC, CBD oil. Another 18 states, including D.C., are fully recreational for people over 21. Overall, 37 states have a medical marijuana program, and it seems like new regulations are being added or changed every day. 

This hodgepodge of individually legalized states has amassed plenty of uncertainty around the right way to move the cannabis industry forward. However, a new cannabis legislation plan being proposed by Senate Democrats may offer the answer most people can agree on.

Senate leaders move to end the federal prohibition of marijuana

On July 14th, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), alongside Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Ron Wyden (D-OR), unveiled the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act. The main point in the draft legislation calls for U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. This would allow any state to establish its own cannabis regulations without federal interference. 

Some of the other mandates outlined in the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act include:

  • Expungement of non-violent federal marijuana convictions within one year of passing the legislation
  • Imposing a 10% tax on all cannabis products
  • Preventing federal officials from taking discriminatory actions against legal cannabis users
  • The creation of an Opportunity Trust Fund from new cannabis tax revenue that would be invested into programs aimed at repairing communities most affected by the failed War on Drugs
  • Allowing physicians with the US Department of Veteran Affairs to recommend medicinal cannabis as a form of treatment 
  • Transferring power over cannabis regulation from the US Drug Enforcement Administration to the FDA and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

For NORML’s Political Director Justin Strekal, passing the legislation means real freedom for responsible cannabis consumers. “With one in eight Americans choosing to consume on a semi-regular basis, including nearly one in four veterans, we must end the practice of arresting over 500,000 Americans every year and denying countless others employment, housing, and other civic rights if we are truly to be the ‘Land of the Free’,” stated Strekal.

Police arrest drug trafficker with handcuffs.close up of addict narcotics dose marijuana

How could the cannabis industry and society benefit from federal cannabis legalization in 2021?

Legalizing cannabis is beneficial both from an industry and social standpoint. The impact on state revenue only shows the potential a decriminalized cannabis market could have on the economy, and that’s just the beginning. Here are some other reasons why descheduling cannabis is essential for us as a nation.

More banking options

A major problem for most cannabis companies is having access to banking. Since cannabis is still a federally illegal substance, banks are extremely hesitant to work with or lend money to any type of cannabis business, regardless of a state’s legal status. 

The financial investment for acquiring the necessary cannabis licensing is a hefty expense, which leaves most smaller businesses in the cold. Many dispensaries and retail stores have also been robbed because they are unable to accept credit or debit cards. However, a bill known as the Safe Banking Act has been passed to the Senate after overwhelming support from the U.S House of Representatives.

Increase in state revenue

States with a legalized cannabis industry have seen millions in return from the taxes and fees imposed on medical and recreational businesses. By 2026, the legal recreational market is expected to bring in nearly $42 billion.

Allows for interstate commerce

Forcing cannabis companies to be responsible for every aspect of their production, manufacturing, distribution, and sales is an unsustainable business model. Interstate commerce has caused supply and demand issues, which in turn hinders the growth of the market and the ability to meet patient/consumer demand. It also makes the pricing model for cannabis products incredibly varied. Concentrating cannabis entrepreneurs to a single state for their revenue puts them in a risky position when prices begin to fluctuate. 

An end to needless arrests and criminal penalties 

An FBI report in 2019 found police had arrested more people for cannabis offenses than violent crimes in that same year. Other studies also prove there are significant racial disparities in the number of possession arrests in communities of color compared to white communities. Some of these sentences have been as long as 10 years. 

Full access to cannabis medicine

Many have gone to great lengths to experience the kind of relief cannabis has been shown to provide, even for neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. People have spoken highly about the benefits of cannabis for years, and it’s time for modern medicine to catch up. The more opportunities we have to study different cannabinoids and how they interact with the human body, the sooner we can create products unique to specific medical conditions.

A person in an Army uniform wearing a cannabis leaf patch. Veteran medical care is a large reason to advocate for federal cannabis legalization.

Tell the Senate you support federal cannabis legalization in 2021

Want to make sure your voice gets added to the discussion on cannabis legalization? The Senate is accepting public comments about the draft legislation now. Send your feedback to [email protected] and help them understand why 60% of Americans are for medical and recreational cannabis.

Production of Nove Luxury Chocolates; chocolates being dispensed into a mold.

Our Favorite Edible Flavors for 2021

Edible Flavors in 2021 Have Never Been Better

You can’t walk into a Colorado dispensary and not find an edibles section that would even make Willy Wonka jealous. Cannabis edibles have stepped out of a world of pure imagination and are bringing a cool, dreamy aesthetic with them, along with the secret recipes. Curious about our favorite edible flavors for 2021? 

An edible’s flavor separates the “ahhhh” from the “ehhhh,” and the number one request from edible consumers is having better ones. Flavor is a huge part of the experience and should match the quality of the product like any other ingredient. As a leading edible manufacturer in Colorado, Medically Correct strives for innovation, improving taste, quality, and consistency among the other market brands.

Production of Nove Luxury Chocolates; chocolates being dispensed into a mold.

Our Top Six Favorite Edible Flavors of 2021

These flavors are truly unbeatable and can be used in so many creative ways when making edibles. It’s hard to pick just six, but somehow we managed!

Peanut Butter

Chocolate and ooey-gooey peanut butter are never bad together. It’s food science. Honey Peanut Butter from our Nové Luxury Chocolate line has just the right blend of honey mixed with rich, South American milk chocolate. Or, if you like something sweet and salty, our Peanut Budda Buddha hits the spot with its chocolatey, pretzel filling.

A close-up shot of incredibles Peanut Budda Buddha bar. Peanut Butter is one of our favorite edible flavors for 2021


A classic flavor that never goes out of style. There’s no doubt we love its simple and sweet taste and our incredibles Strahhhberry gummies are definitely a dispensary favorite. We also have a Strawberry Crunch bar that tastes like a strawberry rice crispy was smashed into a tiny square. For those wanting a quicker entourage effect, our new Quiq fast-acting gummies are available in strawberry, as well as watermelon and blue raspberry.

Blueberry - A Must-Have Edible Flavor for 2021!

Blueberries are sweet, tart, and easy to eat. Plus, they’re delicious in a chocolate bar. Our new CBN-infused Snoozzzeberry Chocolate bar gives a whole new meaning to bedtime snacks. Still can’t sleep? Then try counting some Snoozzzeberry gummies so you can finally get some shuteye. 1mg, 2mg, 3mg…zzz.

incredibles Snoozzzeberry gummies placed on a bathroom counter.


Since COVID won’t let you go to the Bahamas, we’ll bring those sandy, white beaches to you. Coconut is the ultimate island flavor, so what else would we name our Nové chocolate bar but Island Coconut? We also recommend changing your computer background to a beach for dramatic effect.


What better way to enjoy Colorado’s snow-capped Rocky Mountains than with a minty, cool edible? Our Mile High Mint incredibles bar is certainly worthy of its name. You’ll be riding the ski lift all day long, figuratively and maybe even literally! The Nové Glacier Mint Bar will also get the job done, but you’ll have to go way more North if you want to see glaciers.

A Nove Glacier Mint bar unopened on a branded rolling tray; this and the package on a marble background.


If you know your Colorado History, then you know about the delicious juiciness that is Palisade peaches. How do we celebrate their unyieldingly sweet flavor? By making what are arguably the best peach edibles in Colorado. Our Peach Dream bar and new Summer Peach gummies are an ode to our state’s finest summer fruits. But nothing can beat the real thing.

Discover Your New Favorite Edible Flavor for 2021

Your taste buds will have a party with these golden-ticket flavors. Our company is only getting started when it comes to edible creations, but the experience and artistry from our team of cannabis chefs will get us there in no time. We invite you to indulge in our award-winning edibles by using our store locator to find which Colorado dispensary has your favorite flavor.

A headshot of Derek Cumings, Co-Founder and R&D Leader at Medically Correct.

Meet Derek Cumings, Co-Founder and R&D Leader at Medically Correct

Derek Cumings, Helping To Pave The Way for The Nation's Cannabis Industry

Over 10 years ago, at the onset of Colorado medical cannabis legalization, Medically Correct was born with a mission to make cannabis products safe and accessible to patients in need.  We launched the incredibles chocolate bar line and our early focus on consistency and quality propelled us to the top of the Colorado edibles market.  We’ve since grown into the highest volume edibles company in the state!  Our success and longevity are a true testament to our incredible leadership team.   

We connected with our Co-Founder and R&D Leader, Derek Cumings, to hear more about his journey within the cannabis industry and Medically Correct.  This is what he shared with us.

Derek Cumings, Co-Founder of Medically Correct, exhaling a cloud of smoke after toking a blunt.

Q&A with Derek Cumings

Derek, what inspired you to join the cannabis industry?

About 22 years ago, I became my first patient after a fall that broke both of my legs and compressed discs in my lower back.  Early on, I decided I didn’t want to take part in the treatment plan put forth by the doctors who were backed by pharmaceutical companies.  After several legal issues as a young man for cannabis possession and use, I was pretty much forced to quit.  However, just a couple of short years later, medical cannabis laws were passed in Colorado and California.  In the midst of hating my current medical situation, I was given a joint by a friend for nausea and that small reintroduction opened my eyes.

I thought the possible long-term effects from pills were much worse than any problems I had with cannabis and I didn't want to treat lifelong ailments with something that had such harmful potential.  I began using more and more cannabis in different ways, simultaneously taking fewer and fewer pills.  My quality of life increased 10x.  I then convinced my parents of the safety and efficacy of cannabis, and once they understood, I didn’t care what anyone else thought.  I was able to actively go out and push for Colorado's changes and cannabis laws.  As I joined local patient groups, I realized I already obtained more knowledge and experience than most; the people within the places I looked to for answers were much further behind.  So, I began helping them.

About 15 years ago, I owned one of the first ten dispensaries in Colorado, Harmony Wellness in Windsor.  After that, I pushed my way through the industry on multiple levels through edibles and concentrates, and this is when I met Rick and Bob.

Three jars of terpenes resting on a counter at the Clear Creek Extracts lab in Evergreen, Colorado.

How did you learn to create cannabis oil, then edibles, and other infused products?

Making the jump from smoking to edibles was huge in my personal treatment plan.  Edibles were outrageously overpriced and equally inconsistent.  Using the 'caregiver' providers available at the time was the only option for cannabis products other than flower, or occasionally water or scissor hash.  I was determined to bridge the gap because there needed to be a better answer.  At the time, trim was a liability for growers, so I began turning waste into wonder.

In a pre-Youtube world, I was taught by an elderly patient about rudimentary solvent extractions.  After nailing down procedures for making ultra-potent, solvent-based concentrates, I was able to put it in almost anything.  I moved quickly to cakes, chocolates, ice cream, olive oil, pizza, drinks, and the crown jewel of the time -- hard candy.  I swapped ideas with some of the only people in the game at the time, and that was when the first true product lines were born.

What in your current position are you most passionate about?

I’m most passionate about my presence in cannabis. I grew complacent over time and I’ve realized it’s time to stop taking that for granted.

A Medically Correct employee hand-trimming cannabis stalks.

There’s a buzz about your new upcoming brand, Zelō.  What can you share with us about it, Derek?

Introducing people to cannabis for the first time has always been one of my favorite motivators.  And while those opportunities are few and far between, compared to a decade ago, I’m excited for the possibilities of the new projects reaching fresh faces.  Cost and confusion have long been two of the barriers to entry for patients and customers looking to try edibles for the first time, and we’re hoping to change that with Zelō.  Zelō is for the people.

Connect with Derek Cumings, Medically Correct Co-Founder and R&D Leader

It’s easy to see how Derek’s contributions over the years have played such a big role in our success and we sure are grateful for him. Reach out to connect with him on Instagram and keep in touch with Medically Correct by entering your contact information here.

We’d love to stay connected!

A shot of Rick Scarpello, Medically Correct CEO and Co-Founder, posed with a piece of Nove cannabis luxury chocolates.

Meet Rick Scarpello, Co-Founder and CEO of Medically Correct

Serving Patients and Shaping The Cannabis Industry

Just over 10 years ago, at the onset of Colorado medical cannabis legalization, Medically Correct was born with a mission to truly help people.  Along the way, they ended up helping to shape industry regulations in the state and across the nation, too.  Rick Scarpello, Bob Eschino, Derek Cumings, and Josh Fink launched the incredibles chocolate bar line, and before it was even mandated, they began lab testing and labeling products with activated milligrams of THC and nutritional facts.  The early focus on consistency and quality propelled us to the top of the Colorado edibles market and into the highest volume edibles company in the state!

A shot of the Founders of Medically Correct.
The founders of Medically Correct. Derek Cumings (left), Bob Eschino, Rick Scarpello, and Josh Fink (right).

We had such a fun time chatting with our CEO and CO-Founder, Rick Scarpello, a food expert with truly innovative and cutting-edge ideas.  His leadership has been a driving force behind developing a handful of businesses and industry-leading products and processes throughout his career.  In addition to co-founding Medically Correct, LLC, licensed in Colorado, Rick founded Ma Hua, LLC, a natural remedies company, and most recently Data Correct, LLC, a new specialized ERP software company.  We asked him about his journey thus far and here’s what he shared with us.

How did your professional background look before cannabis, Rick?

I started managing people when I was a 19-year-old in college, and haven’t stopped managing people since. It was around 30 years of working for someone else before I began owning my own businesses, so I had all the experiences I needed to figure out what it takes to be successful.  I’ve run commercial bakeries to bowling alleys to full-scale marketing and website development businesses, and in the early 90s, I created one of the first online bookstores. Throughout my career, I’ve always been compelled to take an existing idea and make it better, to re-think it from the beginning and turn it into something new.

A woman dispensing infused cannabis chocolate into molds in the Medically Correct (incredibles) kitchen.

Rick Scarpello, tell us: what inspired you to enter the cannabis industry?

It was more like who than what, the who being Tom Eschino, Bob’s brother.  Tom was making pot cookies for his grandmother so she could feel better and they really worked for her.  Long story short, Tom’s efforts were the original inspiration for Medically Correct.  He convinced Bob, Bob convinced me, and everything else came together when we founders all merged our individual expertise.

What sorts of challenges has Medically Correct faced during the pandemic?

One challenge we didn’t face during the pandemic was the City of Denver, which was a surprise. Typically, there is so much involved in modifying anything on the premises, but once COVID hit, they said to just do whatever needed within the manufacturing facility to protect our staff.  Around 90% of our staff isn’t able to work remotely, so we had to work hard to figure out ways to keep everyone safe.

A shot of Rick Scarpello, Medically Correct CEO and Co-Founder, posed with a piece of Nove cannabis luxury chocolates.

What's coming next for the company?

We have a lot in the pipeline but now that Nové has launched, we have a new brand that’s going to be born soon that will feature traditional types of products and some that you haven’t seen yet.

Of all your career accomplishments, what are you most proud of other than Medically Correct?

You know how Denver is the gluten-free mecca of the country?  That was me.  It took me nearly two years, but Rick Scarpello invented Udi’s Gluten-Free Bread, the #1 gluten-free bread in the world!

Mr. Scarpello, what piece of advice would you give to aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs?

I’d give very different advice to someone looking to invest in the industry versus someone who just has an idea and is starting from the bottom.  But for both, I’d tell them to surround themselves with people that are going to help you get to where you want to go.  You must have perseverance and especially passion.  Without those, you’re dead before you start.  And always go with your gut.  If you trust your gut, you’ll be right more than you’ll be wrong.

Nove luxury cannabis chocolates being dispensed into molds from an automated machine

Connect with Rick Scarpello, Medically Correct Co-Founder and CEO

Rick lives in Morrison, Colorado, with his family and is a new proud grandpa of a beautiful baby boy.  Head over to Rick’s website to check out his career accomplishments or connect with him on LinkedIn.  And be sure to try our new Nové luxury chocolate line and other Medically Correct products from your local dispensary.

Nove luxury cannabis chocolates against a wood backdrop

The Six Best Medically Correct Cannabis Products for Summer

This Season's Cannabis Product Must-Haves

Take a deep breath because summer is almost here! After all the anxiety, frustration, and struggle during the year-that-must-not-be-named, it feels good to see the slow return of summer activities and events. If there’s one thing we all deserve, it’s a busy schedule filled with concerts, beach days, and weekend getaways! The only thing that can make these experiences better is by indulging in your favorite cannabis products for summer. 

Cannabis can elevate your mood while keeping your mind and body at ease. We’ve all earned some rest and relaxation, so now is not the time to allow overthinking, stress, or anxiety to take away from your summer to-do list. And Medically Correct has just what you need to help you create unforgettable experiences. 

Check out our six picks for the best cannabis products to have with you this season! 

Say hello to your new summer cannabis faves!

No more sheltering from the outside world. It’s time to break out that summer wardrobe and make those vacation reservations. And with these six awesome products, you’re almost guaranteed a fun, chilled-out summer!

incredibles Summer Peach gummies against a graphic backgorund with repeating peach icons. One of six best Medically Correct cannabis products for summer

1. incredibles Summer Peach Gummies

What better treat to take to the beach than these sweet peach gummies! Breathe in that salty sea air as you gaze out to the horizon feeling cool, calm, and unbothered. Stress and worry are not invited to your mini-getaway! 

Pair with: Sea, sand, and a colorful beach umbrella

Available at: Oasis Cannabis Superstore, Solace Meds Fort Collins

Average cost: $15.00 per 100mg THC (ten 10mg THC pieces per pack)

Adult-use; various states including Colorado

A woman climber applying trupura CBD Extra Strength Salve to a sore joint.

2. trupura CBD Extra Strength Salve

Getting outdoors does the body well, especially during the summer. After being cooped up inside for so long, it’s time to hike, swim, bike, and do whatever we can to get moving! And by having this extra-strength CBD salve on hand, you can help manage any pain that creeps up. Don’t let sore muscles put a dent in your plans -- these cannabis products for summer are essential!

Pair with: Running shoes, mountain bike, and hiking backpack

Available at: Full Circle Salon and Spa, Meadowlark64, or shop online!

Average cost: $48.00 per 1000mg container

Ships online nationwide

Clear Creek Extracts DUO vape against a Wolf Pac colorful mural background.

3. Clear Creek Extracts Pineapple Express x Sour Lemon Meringue 1000 mg DUO Pod

Two is better than one! Switch between these yummy summer flavors to set the mood no matter where you are. The sour lemon meringue will definitely hit the spot during an outdoor BBQ. Or, if you have a big day planned ahead, a quick hit of the pineapple express will keep you moving. 

Pair with: A daytime adventure or a night out on the town

Available at: Wolfpac Federal, Green Cross Rifle

Average cost: $50.00 for 1g increments

Adult-use; Colorado exclusive


incredibles Smores Bar stacked on top of a marshmallow and graham cracker

4. incredibles S'mores Bar

We all know the staple of any good campout is the ooey-gooey s’mores, and the incredibles S’mores Bar will take your favorite campfire treat to the next level! A tasty blend of marshmallows and milk chocolatey graham crackers will help you settle in and keep warm while stargazing.  

Pair with: Cozy flannels, a big campfire, and starry skies 

Available at: Organic Alternatives, Twin Peaks Dispensary

Average cost: $18.00 per 100mg THC bar

Medical and adult-use; various states including Colorado

Quiq fast-acting tincture in its 1:1 CBD:THC formula

5. Quiq 1:1 Tincture

Splash your lemonade or iced tea with a dash of this minty cool tincture. Add a wide brim hat and a fan, and now you can be lounging on your lanai in style, just like the Golden Girls! Because seriously, who doesn’t want to be Betty White?

Pair with: A sunny lanai and your favorite tunes

Available at: Fermont County Cannabis, The Healing Canna

Average cost: $50.00 per 100mg bottle

Medical and adult-use; Colorado exclusive

Nove Island Coconut luxury cannabis chocolates surrounded by island-themed props. This is a cannabis product for summer!

6. Nove Island Coconut Bar

Let the sweet coconut taste transport you to the tropics while basking in the glow of a coral and orange sunset. There’s nothing like savoring a piece of dark chocolate while feeling the warm summer breeze on your skin. Ride those island waves deep into the night! These new luxury chocolates are absolutely a must-have cannabis product for summer.  

Pair with: A lei, hibiscus hair flower, and a new pair of shades

Available at: Simply Pure, Kaya Cannabis 

Average cost: $20.00 per 100 mg/10 pk bar

Adult-use; Colorado exclusive 

Shop your local dispensary online or in-store to snag your cannabis must-haves for summer!

Our brands at Medically Correct are featured in numerous dispensaries across the country. Shop online to see if we’re available at your local dispensary!

Don't see a dispensary listed near you? Try widening your search using our store locator. You can even filter your results so you know which types of products each store carries.

Be sure to tag us with your summer cannabis haul at @medicallycorrectllc so we can get in on those summer vibes. Cheers to you and the great days ahead!

Sad lonely Woman in depression with flying hair. Young unhappy girl sitting and hugging her knees. Depressed teenager. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style

Cannabis and Anxiety: What Does Science Say?

If you suffer from anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety is the most common mental condition in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. The disorder affects 40 million Americans every year, so 18.1% of the population! Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 36.9% of those suffering from anxiety receive treatment: meaning less than half of the impacted demographic. 

Shadowy person at sunset, looking outdoors after consuming cannabis for anxiety

How is anxiety treated?

In addition to pharmaceuticals, therapy, and other lifestyle tweaks, medical cannabis is rising in popularity as a way to manage anxiety. There’s typically no cure for anxiety; it’s just something most people have to live with. Anxiety is an approved condition under various states’ medical cannabis programs, with thousands of patients taking advantage of the budding (no pun intended) industry to improve their mental health. 

Cannabis and anxiety: what does science say? 

Currently, cannabis research is limited, partly due to the plant’s federally illegal status under U.S. law. This means we don’t have many tangible resources supporting cannabis for anxiety. 

Cannabis is considered a Schedule I Substance, meaning it's considered as highly addictive without any potential for medical value. Meth, heroin, and yes, even cannabis, are all on this list alongside each other, holding equal potential for damage in the eyes of the federal government. 

The medical cannabis programs across the country say otherwise, but the impenetrable federal red tape prevents scientists from conducting key cannabis research, legal businesses from utilizing safe banking solutions, and businesses from effectively marketing cannabis products -- creating a gap. 

With that being said, we do have access to some scientific research and anecdotal evidence, which build a strong case for cannabis and anxiety! When it comes to mental health conditions, and anxiety especially, it’s important to consume cannabis the “right” way: meaning the right way for your body and brain. 

A woman dripping incredible Wellness cannabis tincture into a tall glass of lemonade for anxiety

How does cannabis help anxiety? 

If you know anything about cannabis, you probably know some people experience anxiety when they consume it. This is because of the THC in cannabis. THC isn’t bad, but it can cause anxiety in some people. There are a lot of different reasons why someone might feel anxious after consuming high-THC cannabis, including:

  • Simply too much THC for them 
  • Not eating enough before consuming
  • Consuming cannabis in a wildly-stressed state of mind
    • Sometimes, cannabis can bring out deep-seated (or not so deep-seated) emotions we are already feeling, further exacerbating internal stress. It helps to take a few deep breaths and calm your mind as much as possible before consuming cannabis. This way, it can continue the job and further relax you!
  • Genetics
  • Hormones

According to a 2017 report published by the University of Washington, THC appears to decrease anxiety in lower doses and increase anxiety in higher doses. The same report notes CBD to also decrease anxiety in all doses explored. Unlike THC, CBD does not create a psychoactive effect. After consuming CBD, you’ll likely feel more relaxed, focused, and balanced. CBD is most often derived from hemp. 

The federal government removed hemp from the Schedule I Substances list in 2018, effectively paving the way for an exploding American CBD market. However, as we mentioned before: marijuana remains on this list. 

Hemp and marijuana are cousins, both considered to be cannabis plants. The difference? The THC content. Per the 2018 Farm Bill (the bill which removed hemp from the Schedule I Substances list), hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC to be legally sold. Therefore, all of the CBD available to you at the grocery store and online is derived from hemp, so the products you can purchase without a medical marijuana card or visiting the dispensary - like trupura CBD

Here are four key ways to best utilize cannabis products for your anxiety: 

1. Microdose your cannabis

When you think of cannabis consumption, you might think of the typical stoner. Someone chain-smoking four blunts in a row, or spending their entire life high and hazy. When it comes to wellness, being stoned isn’t the goal: it’s simply being well. If you’re consuming cannabis for anxiety, we can imagine your goal is relaxing enough to function throughout the day. 

In this case, you don’t want to be stoned. Enter microdosing. Microdosing is exactly what it sounds like: dosing your cannabis in micro amounts. This way, you’re still reaping the benefits of cannabis, but you aren’t too high to go about your day. Microdosing works by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, just like cannabis in larger amounts. The endocannabinoid system is a biological system every human being has, and it’s how cannabis works in our body! 

Woman microdosing cannabis edible for anxiety

2. Choose products with sedative properties & shop with terpenes in mind

You might hear the words “indica” and “sativa” and wonder what they really mean. Truth be told, in the grand scheme of things, the words don’t mean much. Cannabis is a complex plant, full of different compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Rather, approach it this way: “I’m looking to relieve my anxiety, so I need to find something that will relax me.” This opens you up to a world of potential. From here, you can begin looking at different methods of consumption, dosing suggestions, terpene content, and cannabinoid ratios. Try a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC for anxiety relief, like this Black Cherry chocolate bar from incredibles. 

When it comes to terpenes, they have therapeutic properties of their own! Myrcene, for example, is just one terpene thought to relieve anxious feelings. Read this blog post we wrote about terpenes to learn more; they’re amazing compounds. 

3. Try a hemp-derived CBD product first

If you’ve never tried cannabis before, you might first consider trying a CBD product derived from hemp! This way, you won’t experience any psychoactive effects. You might find you need something more (like THC), or CBD might be just what the doctor ordered.  

Research suggests something called endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome might be at fault for various diseases. Studies like this one ponder endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome’s role in fibromyalgia, migraines, and IBS. Hemp-derived CBD can introduce cannabinoids in your body, gently waking the endocannabinoid system, without overloading you with THC. 

If you think you need THC to start and you live in a legalized state, go for it. We always recommend starting low and going slow until you learn your perfect dose. Pay close attention to how your body feels after consuming cannabis. This way, you can quickly identify how much is too much. 

A woman opening a bottle of trupura CBD Watermelon gummies for anxiety

4. Try a fast-acting product

Fast-acting cannabis products allow you to quickly gauge your tolerance. Traditional edibles can take up to an hour to kick in, sometimes even longer. When this happens, it’s easy to overdo it and regret it just a few hours later - especially when you’re feeling anxious and just want to find relief. Quiq White Chocolates are formulated with rapid absorption technology and like the edible we highlighted above, it offers a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio. 

When you’re learning how much your body can tolerate, it’s best to utilize the rapidness of Quiq and avoid overconsumption. After learning your dose, then consider incorporating traditional edibles like the cherry dark chocolate.  

Ready to try cannabis for anxiety? 

We want to emphasize that we are not doctors. We aren’t qualified to give medical advice, but we sure know a lot about cannabis and we know actual experts who can give medical advice! 

Before introducing cannabis into your wellness routine, reach out to professionals like the nurses at Leaf 411. It’s a free hotline that provides the general public education and directional support about cannabis. There, you can talk through any concerns you might have about trying cannabis. Once you’re given the green light - come and shop with us.

A woman looking to safely consume cannabis, opening a lab-tested edible by incredibles

Young man sleeping

Cannabis for Better Sleep: What Does Science Say?

No one likes having raccoon eyes or feeling irritable all day after a sleepless night. Unfortunately, falling and staying asleep can be hard, especially as we get older. This begs the question, is cannabis the answer to sleep-related issues like insomnia? Some of our own consumers say absolutely!

“I LOVE the [incredibles Sour] Gummies. I have 6 titanium rods in my back & my spine is fused so it’s very difficult to sleep, but these gummies help me fall asleep & stay asleep. They are the best thing ever made!”

“I have MS, arthritis, and chronic inflammation. I take one of these [incredibles Red Licorice Gummies] every night before bed. I have been completely pain-free for months.”

Scientific studies are providing more and more proof that the human body was built for cannabis. So where does the research stand on getting better sleep?

Woman struggles to sleep at night. What does science say about using cannabis for better sleep?

Sleep Survey Says Yes, No, and Maybe

Scientists aren’t wasting time uncovering all of the relaxing and sedative effects cannabis provides, but when it comes to sleep, some research shows mixed results. 

One study observing patients both with and without sleeping problems found that cannabis shortened the time it took for them to fall asleep. Another in 2019 found that almost 67% of the participants experienced better sleep by using CBD

However, other studies have found some people experience higher rates of insomnia after trying to limit night time usage. There’s also evidence that heavy marijuana use in younger adults could cause them to develop sleeping problems later on in life. That’s why researchers like Kimberly Hutchison, an associate professor in the Sleep Medicine Program in the Department of Neurology at OHSU, are pushing for more long-term research and limiting the barriers placed on cannabis research.

“Research on cannabis and sleep is in its infancy and has yielded mixed results with significant biases. So, additional control and longitudinal research is critical to advance our understanding of research and clinical implications along with short and long term risks.”

Young woman wearing the brainwave scanning headset sits in a chair. She is participating in a research sleep study.

How Does the Endocannabinoid System Affect How We Sleep?

Up until about thirty years ago, researchers didn’t even know the endocannabinoid system existed. Now studies are showing how much of an impact this biological system has on our overall health! 

Scientists believe the endocannabinoid system is perhaps the most important factor in how we maintain balance in our physiological functions. This includes everything from our appetite, cognitive processes, and yes, even sleep. It can even affect how we dream!

Horizontal infographic explaining the human cannabinoid system. Healthcare and medical illustration about cannabis.

Terpenes and Cannabinoids and REM Sleep, Oh My!

So what’s its connection to cannabis, you might ask? Well, as it turns out, researchers have discovered that this system is partly made up of compounds similar to the ones found in the cannabis plant! These are called endogenous cannabinoids and studies show our body produces at least six different types.

Meanwhile, the cannabis plant has over 100 known cannabinoids! Many scientists are studying which ones are beneficial for sleeping problems and other health conditions. The three we hear about most often are CBD, CBN, and THC. 

THC is associated with the “high” many people feel when consuming cannabis. Its sedative effects can make it easier to fall asleep. THC can also reduce the time a person spends in REM sleep and increase slow-wave sleep, thereby reducing how much we dream. This has shown to be a positive side effect in patients with PTSD who frequently have nightmares.

CBN is not as well-known, but some studies find it could be a powerful sedative. These effects are amplified when combined with THC. CBD has gotten extremely popular in the last few years, especially for its therapeutic benefits with little to no psychoactive symptoms. Some doses of CBD can increase alertness during the day and reduce daytime sleepiness. It’s also been shown to be helpful with insomnia and dramatically improve the quality of one’s sleep.

Another part of the plant that impacts the effects of cannabis is terpenes. Terpenes are small, aromatic molecules that give cannabis its taste and smell. About 150 different terpenes have been identified and different strains can have multiple combinations of terpenes. Some of the ones associated with improving sleep include:

  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Terpineol

Cannabis Products to Try for a Good Night’s Sleep

All of these cannabis compounds will produce different effects at varying degrees based on the plant’s terpene profile, THC:CBD ratios, and method of consumption. Trying out different cannabis products is the best way to see which one does the most for your mind and body. 

Here are a couple of cannabis strains and edible options that you can try to help get you to sleep as soon as your head finds your pillow!

  • Granddaddy Purple - An OG indica strain you can’t miss out on trying. A true classic with a sweet taste and plenty of myrcene to help lull your mind to sleep.
  • 9lb Hammer - This strain will crush your insomnia like...well, a hammer! Thanks to its heavy myrcene and caryophyllene terpene profile, you’ll be melting into your sheets.  
  • Trupura CBD Relax Softgels - These 600mg CBD softgels are a triple whammy against restless nights. Add a little beta-caryophyllene and melatonin, and you have the perfect mixture for a night of rest and relaxation. 
  • Quiq Indica Dark Chocolates - It’ll only take about 5-15 minutes before your eyes will be begging to close. Plus, with this edible’s rapid absorption technology, you’ll feel quicker, stronger effects at just half the dosage.
  • incredibles Snoozzzeberry Gummy - Say goodnight and don’t expect to wake up ‘til morning! These amazing gummies infused with CBN will be insomnia’s worst nightmare.

Incredibles Snoozzzeberry gummies in packaging. Cannabis may be used to obtain better sleep.

Don’t Forget to Speak to a Professional Before You Start Counting Sheep

Before trying any of the products suggested above, always remember to speak with a licensed medical professional first. We also advise talking with a cannabis-trained, registered nurse from Leaf 411. There’s no limit to their wealth of information when it comes to managing your health with cannabis.

Medically Correct is chock-full of award-winning products and informational blogs to help guide you along your cannabis journey. We don’t like losing out on sleep, so why should you?  Shop online and pick-up from your local Colorado dispensary today!

Executive Chef Josh Fink holding a bar of Nove luxury chocolates.

Medically Correct: Colorado Manufacturing Awards' Cannabis Company of the Year

The 2021 Colorado Manufacturing Awards was a highlight event for Medically Correct. The sixth annual CMA consisted of 14 categories and 40 finalists recognizing outstanding people and businesses shaping American manufacturing. Among these categories was one for the Cannabis Company of the Year, and we’re elated to say that Medically Correct took home the gold!

When Medically Correct was founded in 2010, we knew our mission went beyond creating cannabis-infused products. It was also about serving our community the best way we could through social responsibility and always considering the needs of our consumers. We achieve both by using eco-conscious ingredients and recyclable, biodegradable packaging. Our company was even one of the first in the nation to implement third-party lab testing for all cannabis edibles. 

Appealing to various demographics means understanding how we can continuously evolve our company and products to meet their expectations. With two new brands on the way later this year and the rebranding of our incredibles line, we’re ready to give an affordable and consistent experience that’s easily accessible to new and past consumers across the nation!

A shot of cannabis-infused chocolate production in the Nove kitchen. Medically Correct was named Cannabis Company of the Year by Colorado Manufacturing Awards.

A Spotlight on the Finalists and Winners of the Colorado Manufacturing Awards

This year’s Colorado Manufacturing Awards were certainly not short on quality. Each category was filled with standout companies, new and old. We especially want to congratulate the two other Cannabis Manufacturer Finalists, Stratos and Nuvue Pharma. Being nominated alongside these outstanding cannabis companies just goes to show the competition is always fierce and crawling with innovation!

Check out all that Stratos and Nuvue Pharma are doing to expedite the future of the cannabis industry:

  • The team at Stratos brings decades of pharmaceutical science experience to the cannabis industry. Their expertise allows them to create pure, consistent products which are rigorously tested five different times throughout the manufacturing process. Stratos understands a great cannabis experience begins with feelings of certainty. Through their implementation of pharmaceutical industry benchmark standards, customers know they’re getting high-quality cannabis products that offer the same effects each and every time.
  • Nuvue Pharma was founded in 2015 in Pueblo, CO by Neurologist Malik M. Hasan. The company operates their own hydroponic indoor grow and extraction lab where they conduct ongoing research and development to unlock the benefits of all 545 active molecules within the cannabis plant. Nuvue Pharma is the first recreational dispensary in Pueblo and their award-winning products make them one of Colorado’s premier dispensaries. Their menu includes several of these award-winning strains, including their very own Anubis OG and Scroopy Noopers.

inovation design engineer and doctor team Diverse industries Expert, Programming, and Robotic Hand Handling Bright hi-tech facility Scientists in sterile clothing working on computers

But we weren’t the only ones recognized for our business savvy. Below are the rest of this year's Consumer and Industrial Group winners from the sixth annual Colorado Manufacturing Awards. A big congrats from us at Medically Correct!:

Why Does Cannabis Need Representation Outside of the Industry?

Cannabis has come a long way in the last decade alone. Thirty-five states have a medical marijuana program and eleven states legalized recreational use. We’re even seeing some states starting to slowly move towards decriminalization. 

Understanding the important space cannabis holds in modern medicine goes beyond those of us actively working within the industry. That’s because this plant was never meant for just the quote on quote ‘stoners.’ Cannabis is a healing herb that can do more than give people the munchies. 

Support for full legalization is at an all-time high (no pun intended.) The best way to show how much good cannabis can provide is by normalizing how and why people use it. There are a number of studies measuring its validity for medical purposes, and yet we still remain at an impasse when it comes to how much research can legally be done. 

Building credibility for the cannabis industry has taken time and there’s plenty of areas needing improvement. We can accomplish this by setting quality business and product standards that help ensure consumers feel safe with their cannabis experience from sale to consumption. This mindset is what we based our entire incredibles brand around. We were even nominated for the thirteenth annual Shorty Awards Brand Redesign category! Our commitment to our patients and company message should be accurately reflected in every part of our business, all the way down to the packaging.

A pack shot of Mile High Mint, an award-winning cannabis-infused chocolate bar by incredibles.

There’s No Stopping the Direction Medically Correct is Going

It’s an honor to receive awards for our work, but our passion for cannabis goes far beyond that. Creating a diverse industry of people and ideas is a constant motivation for our own mission at Medically Correct. By making products that are safe, accessible, and innovative, we hope to continue pushing the barrier for meeting our customer’s needs.