8 Tips on How to Buy Edibles in Colorado

Cannabis edibles in Colorado have evolved significantly over the last decade. They’ve transitioned from homemade pot brownies to legal, perfectly-dosed treats. Gooey caramels, chocolate bars, THC and CBD gummies, and microdosed mints are among the many diverse shapes and sizes available. But buying and trying edibles for the first time can be a bit intimidating. To ensure a great experience, here are 8 tips on how to buy edibles in Colorado.

Consider Your Dose 

If you have a sweet tooth but standard recreational tolerance, maybe you’d prefer to have several 2.5mg bites than just one 10mg piece. On the other hand, perhaps you’re a medical patient that requires a 200mg dose. More than likely, two 100mg bites are preferred over twenty 10mg pieces! 

Point being, THC tolerance among novice consumers, daily users, and medical patients varies greatly. But here’s a generalized list regarding adult-use tolerance: 

But of course, this is only a generalization and likely best to guide new users. If you’re a patient seeking medical advice regarding dosing, contact Leaf 411, a free hotline allowing conversations with licensed, cannabis-trained nurses.  

Choose a Product that Contains a Proper Amount of THC

Once you’ve determined your ideal dose, whether you’re a heavyweight seeking 100mg or a newbie seeking 10mg, be sure to choose a proper product. The packaging will include lab test information from a third party, the amount of THC and CBD in milligrams per serving, and the number of servings in a package.

Review Other Label Information 

The label will tell you whether the edible is butter or oil-infused, or if it was created with a solvent-based extraction. The packaging will also include a list of ingredients, nutritional facts, and any allergy information. These days, cannabis companies consider users’ allergies and dietary restrictions, so know that gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and more options are available.

Additionally, the product’s packaging should explicitly state that it contains cannabis. There should be a plainly visible THC icon on the label. This will prevent accidental consumption by family members, roommates, house guests, etc. If you have kids and pets around the house, keep the edibles out of their reach.

Consume Responsibly 

Though weed is legal in Colorado, it doesn’t mean you abuse its use. We believe that cannabis should enhance your daily life; not in any way hinder it. Select an edible that complements your way of living and needs. 

If you’re seeking creativity, consider a terpene-infused sativa gummy. If you’re consuming to improve the quality of your sleep, maybe a CBN-infused edible would benefit you. 

Always Ask your Budtender for Suggestions

Terpenes and novel cannabinoids might be foreign to new consumers, but that’s where your budtender comes in. A competent salesperson can assist you in selecting an appropriate edible that suits your needs. Plus, they’ve likely tried everything on the shelves, so they can provide honest, first-hand recommendations. 

Big marijuana buds in glass jar. Harvest weed process for buds

Don’t Combine Cannabis and Alcohol

We all know that cannabis and alcohol don’t complement each other. Edibles are not an exception to this rule. If you’re going to consume edibles, it’s best to stay away from alcohol until the effects have subsided. 

Furthermore, if you take them both simultaneously, you won’t be able to distinguish between the effects of the edible and the alcohol, which could affect your future dosing.

Remember Cannabis Can Interfere with Other Medications

Cannabis-infused products can interact with other medications, causing adverse side effects. Did you know that there are some situations where using cannabis can make other drugs stronger or weaker?

CBD (cannabidiol), a marijuana and hemp flower byproduct, is currently the subject of increased research. Since CBD is processed in the liver, taking other medicines that use the same pathway can change how well the body processes them.

CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the active compound of cannabis) have been demonstrated in lab research to impact enzymes involved in processing a wide range of drugs. They include blood thinners and antidepressants, suggesting that cannabis could potentially modify their function.

But there isn’t much research in this field, unfortunately. So, if you’re regularly on medication, it’s a good idea to consult a cannabis medicine professional or doctor before consuming marijuana. Please reach out to our partners at Leaf 411 for a free consultation.

Doctor hand offering bud of medical cannabis and pills. Concept of choise of traditional medications and cannabis

Identify the Best Type of Weed Edibles to Buy

There are various types of weed edibles, some of which are:

Food Edibles

These are the most frequently-used type of edible, and to many, it remains the best (and most tasty!) edible. You can find a wide variety of full-spectrum food edibles, such as chocolates, gummies, and cookies, as well as other savory snacks.  

Drink Edibles

THC-infused beverages include coffee, tea, mocktails, and sodas. When it comes to drinks, be sure to double-check dosing. Most are “single-serve” products that allow you to drink the entire can in one sitting, often dosed at 10mg THC. However, others come with a dosing cap, similar to what you’d see with over-the-counter liquid medications. 


These are MCT oil-based or alcohol-based extracts. Tinctures are designed to be absorbed by the tongue and mouth. When using a tincture, you slip a few drops under your tongue and allow them to absorb orally for a few minutes. The cannabis in the tincture then enters the bloodstream and produces the effects. Tinctures have been around for a while, although they are not as popular as other edibles.

Cannabis capsules

Cannabis capsules are often preferred by medical patients, providing an effective and safe oral delivery mechanism. These capsules are often flavorless and offer a discrete method of ingesting THC. 

Where to Purchase Edibles

Edibles can be purchased at a legalized marijuana dispensary, which can be found in most counties throughout Colorado. Note that most dispensaries sell edibles online, too, which makes for even more convenient pick-ups. 

If you’re looking for a long-standing, credible company, consider edibles made by Medically Correct. We are dedicated to patient care, and we pride ourselves in producing products that suit our customers’ needs. Our brands include incredibles, Nove, and Quiq, available in hundreds of retailers you can discover using our store locator.