Where To Buy Edibles in Colorado 

Colorado is known for its top-tier dispensaries with high-quality THC products on every shelf. Not sure where to buy edibles in Colorado? We’ve created a guide to some of our favorite dispensaries to find the best THC edibles in the state. 

Whether you’re curious about cannabis-infused products or want to try something new, these dispensaries have a large selection of potent and delicious edibles to fit your needs. From exploring downtown Denver to Boulder and beyond, there’s always something special at the shops on our list. 


Denver is known across the country as the hub for all things cannabis. We’re lucky to have some of the best dispensaries in the state at our fingertips. You can find a massive selection of edibles across Denver for the perfect night out or a quiet night in.

Mile High Green Cross

Mile High Green Cross is a long-standing dispensary in Denver. They have offered the best of the best in edibles and more since 2009. Mile High is a well-established part of the Broadway street scene, making every visit memorable. They’re centrally located to make any day or night out downtown an even better experience. 

The team at MHGC is as knowledgeable as they come, making your first or fifteenth time just as special. As the first Colorado winners of the Cannabis Cup, they don’t mess around with the mediocre. You can find friendly faces and a wealth of cannabis education behind the inconspicuous doors. We’re fortunate to have our products on their shelves where you can find incredibles in every flavor. 

Local Product of Colorado 

One of the largest selections of edibles in Colorado can be found behind the doors of Local Product of Colorado. Another well-established Denver favorite, Local Product has been serving the cannabis community since 2009. 

Their passion for the industry has led them to be a premier dispensary for both medical patients and recreational enthusiasts. You will find some of the best THC edibles, gummies, and other tasty treats lining the shelves. Local Product of Colorado focuses on the care behind the plant with a team full of educated and elevated budtenders ready to help you make the best edible choice for you. 

Higher Grade Elati 

Higher Grade Elati is the Downtown Denver answer to quick, cared for, and exceptionally cultivated cannabis products. Not only are they known for their commitment to cultivation, but Higher Grade also provides the best service on the block. The team is made up of highly knowledgeable budtenders prepared to give you their expert recommendations. 

If you’re headed out of the city, make sure to stop at Higher Grade for a quick pick-me-up. If you are looking for a clean, cared-for experience, look no further than Higher Grade. 


Boulder is a creative hub with some of the best dispensaries and edibles in Colorado. You can find great shows, great beer, and a buzzing atmosphere thanks to its college town roots. 

Magnolia Road Cannabis 

Boulder has no shortage of great dispensaries, but one of our favorites is a hit for high-quality edibles in Colorado. Magnolia Road Cannabis services recreational purchasers directly next to their medical patient facility. Not only does Magnolia have some of the most affordable options, but they also carry one of the largest selections of edibles in the area. 

Magnolia Road has some of the most friendly staff in Boulder. There is always a smile and good conversation to greet you when you step inside. The staff also know a thing or two about their menu and can always give expert recommendations on products that may be best for you. You will find an individualized approach to product selection with team members who want to make sure you get the best edibles around. 

The Farm 

The Farm North Boulder is another Colorado dispensary with a large selection of high-quality edibles. At The Farm, you will be welcomed back with good vibes and even better buds. The Farm has curated a funky, 70’s vibe that takes us back to the real roots of cannabis culture. Not only is The Farm one of the best dispensaries in Boulder, but it is also proudly women-owned and led by a diverse staff. Boulder is known for its uniqueness and The Farm shows us why. 

The edible selection at The Farm is loaded with some of our favorite incredibles bars. Some favorites from The Farm’s menu are the elusive Monkey Bar. Of course, while in Boulder you can’t pass up an opportunity for a Boulder Bar. You can find the perfect THC edible snack to get you to the lifts or out exploring in the mountains when going through Boulder. 


Fort Collins has one of the largest selections of edibles in Northern Colorado. Another bustling college town, Fort Collins has plenty of trails and a great downtown scene to keep you entertained all day. 

Organic Alternatives 

Organic Alternatives has quickly become a favorite for edibles with locals and visitors to Fort Collins. With both medical and recreational options, there is no shortage of availability of high-quality products. They also work hard to cultivate responsibility with a focus on sustainable practices both inside and out. 

Organic Alternatives is as Colorado as they come, being locally-owned and operated and growing local Colorado cannabis. The staff at Organic Alternatives are always welcoming and filled with knowledge about all of the edibles on their menu. 

You can stop into the dispensary on East Mountain Ave. and pick up a Nové Raspberry Bramble Bar before grabbing a bite and a brew. They also have a huge selection of edible gummies. When you’re going on an all-day adventure of heading downtown, they are a great addition to any adventure. 

Solace Meds 

Solace Meds is another of Fort Collins’s amazing dispensaries with a large selection of THC edibles. Solace is one of Fort Collins’ best-kept secrets, nestled into the foothills outside of the Rocky Mountains. They’ve developed a rewards system that has recreational and medical patients returning time and time. 

Their great selection of edibles is tough to beat and as the largest dispensary in South Fort Collins, there’s always something exciting coming to their shelves. Make sure you stop in and say hi, or get one of their expert budtenders’ tips for the best THC edibles in Colorado. 

Colorado Springs 

Colorado Springs has idyllic scenery and an amazing selection of edibles for medical patients to enjoy. It is a medical-only territory, except for Maggie’s Farm and Emerald Fields, both located in Manitou Springs. Colorado Springs has some of the best outdoor experiences around with Pikes Peak, Garden Of The Gods, and Manitou Springs all within a close area. They also have fantastic food and a fun nightlife so you’ll have no shortage of places to visit. 

Grow Life 

Grow Life has recently moved to a fantastic location right on Garden of the Gods Road. When you’re headed out for an exciting day with all that Colorado Springs has to offer, you should stop in to Grow Life for the best selection of edibles. After 10 years in the Springs, Grow Life has developed one of the premier patient spots. 

Grow Life also takes educating their staff seriously to help guide each medical patient to their personalized choices. As a medical dispensary, they also can assist with any questions or concerns about your patient’s status. With its new location, Grow Life is a great pit stop on your way through the Garden of the Gods. The menu is always fully stocked with your favorite edibles.

The Green House

The Green House doesn’t just specialize in high-quality edibles and cannabis products. They also work daily to help medical patients receive access to their medical cards and navigate the new patient process. 

The Green House has a large selection of lab-tested medical products to cater to every type of patient in Colorado Springs. First-time visitors to The Green House get a welcome gift as well as education on the assortment of top-tier edibles. The Green House keeps a steady rotation of potent edibles in stock so it’s a good idea to check out the menu online before stopping by. 


When you’re heading south, you have to stop through Pueblo for a great spread of delicious edibles. Pueblo has seen a rebirth in its tourism which means more dispensaries and more activities. You’ll find beautiful open spaces and a cool southwestern feel. If you’re looking for recreational sales close to Colorado Springs, Pueblo is the perfect pit stop. 

Cannabis Depot 

Pueblo is a hidden gem in southern Colorado known for beautiful views and a delicious edibles selection. Cannabis Depot has a stash of THC edibles to help you get through any Colorado road trip. 

Cannabis Depot is known in Pueblo for its friendly staff and amazing daily deals. The Cannabis Depot team has worked hard to help develop something Pueblo can be proud of. When you stop by, you’ll be greeted by people whose mission is to help you find the best THC products for you. They work to find you an individualized plan for whatever you may be feeling, or if you want to spice up your day. 

Here, you can find a wide array of lab-tested and locally-approved edibles. Cannabis Depot is your one-stop shop for tasty THC edibles in Pueblo. You can browse the website to get a feel for what you want or give the store a call and the friendly staff can walk you through each step. 

Maggie’s Farm 

Maggie’s Farm handles more green than just cannabis. They are the premier Clean Green Certified cannabis retailer in Pueblo. Maggie’s Farm focuses on crafting high-quality cannabis that is unaltered from its natural healing state. The staff at Maggie’s Farm know their menu like the back of their hand and can assist you in making the best decision on edibles. You get a farm-to-table experience without the farm-to-table prices as Maggie’s Farm bridges the gap between affordability and quality. 

The welcoming atmosphere and relaxed vibes of Maggie’s Farm make any new patient or curious enthusiast instantly comfortable. They have also been voted a Leafly’s #1 Store in the State and have made the Best In Colorado List every year since. Pueblo has also awarded Maggie’s Farm as the Best Medical Dispensary in Pueblo. Bringing the best service to Pueblo and beyond means that Maggie’s Farm takes pride in the education, and elevation they bring to the Colorado cannabis community. 

If you’re heading southwest and want to enjoy some scenery, stop through Maggie’s Farm for an infused treat. Maggie’s Farm makes browsing their menu even easier with quick access to their website. 

Find Colorado-Made Edibles Near You

Whether you’re craving something funky from incredibles, a slice of luxury from Nové, or just need something quick from Quiq, our dispensary partners have you covered from Pueblo to Fort Collins. You can find gummies, mints, tarts, and of course, infused chocolate on any of these dispensary menus. Find the best edibles in Colorado at some of our favorite retailers today!