From ancient to modern times, edibles have been one of the classic ways to consume cannabis.  Edibles are food and drink products infused with cannabis flower or extracts containing THC, CBD, or both, and can be a delicious alternative to smoking and vaping.  Nearly any food that contains oil, dairy, sugar or flour can be turned into an edible; and the recent emergence of water-soluble extracts has allowed for even more edible options, such as beverages.  There’s really something for everyone, from unsweetened and sweetened baked goods to pills, and edible makers are continuously innovating their offerings.

Every producer of edibles has their own favorite recipes and processes, which means the flavors, textures, cannabinoid ratios, effects, and potencies can all differ.  Depending on the type of edible you choose and your personal metabolism, the time it takes for the THC to enter your bloodstream, and for you to feel the psychoactive effects, could be anywhere between 30-90 minutes (or longer).  However, more and more edible makers are beginning to offer fast-acting options for those who don’t want to wait very long to get elevated.  These products typically kick in between 15-25 minutes but can take longer.

incredibles Fruit Chews displayed against a wooden backdrop surrounded by fresh fruit

Most states have similar regulations regarding the amount of THC that can be infused into a single product for recreational use, which in Colorado, is 100 milligrams, often divided into ten 10mg servings or twenty 5mg servings.  Medical regulations typically allow a higher amount infused into each product.  Micro-dosing, commonly considered as taking a 2.5mg dose of THC, is rising in popularity as people are looking for a more functional high.  Some makers now offer their products divided into 2.5mg doses to cater to this market.

Below, we’ll cover the five most commons types of edibles found in dispensaries to help you with deciding what to try next time you head to the store.


Gummies are the most popular edible you can find, consisting of cannabis oil (usually flavorless distillate), sugar, gelatin or pectin, coloring and flavoring. For those who have a vegan diet or want to stay away from gelatin, an increasing number of producers are now offering vegan gummies, so they’re becoming easier to find.

Gummies are often marketed as sativa, indica, or hybrid, and the resulting effects are energizing, calming, or somewhere in between, respectively. Typically, there are additional terpene or botanical ingredients to help steer these effects. One example of this is including myrcene and/or chamomile for a relaxing effect. You’ll also find both regular and quick-acting gummy options.


Cannabis chocolates are the next most popular (and delicious!) option. The robust flavor of cannabis oil is mostly masked by the rich flavor profiles of the chocolate it’s infused in. You’ll find all sorts of variations including dark, milk and white chocolate bars and truffles, with or without fillings such a peanut butter or caramel. Most bars are scored in ten 10mg squares, and truffles in 5mg or 10mg pieces, so you can dose yourself with precision. You’ll find mostly regular onset options, although quick-acting options are out there too.

If you love chocolate, you’ll have an easy time finding it in so many other edible products, so be wary about going to the store hungry!

incredibles Monkey Bar is an award-winning, cannabis-infused chocolate bar. Chocolates are one of the five most common types of edibles found in dispensaries.


Due to the aforementioned introduction of water-soluble cannabinoids, you’ll now find a wide array of beverages, such as soda, energy drinks, teas sold in bottles or a box of tea bags, and infused waters both still and carbonated. These are mostly sold as single servings, such as a can or bottle containing 10mg of THC or 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. However, some drinks will have dosing caps to pour off a single dose if the entire bottle contains several servings. You’ll find both regular and quick-onset options.


Tinctures are cannabis-infused alcohol formulas presented in dropper-top bottles.  You’ll find many products labeled as tinctures that include MCT oil or glycerin in place of alcohol.  Tinctures enter the bloodstream sublingually via the sublingual artery when held for 15 seconds or longer under the tongue.  Some may be flavorful and sweet, while others may be virtually flavorless.  Flavorless tinctures are versatile since you can take them orally or add them to recipes, smoothies, etc.  High Times offers a great guide on navigating the world of tinctures.

A woman dripping incredible Wellness cannabis tincture into a tall glass of lemonade


As cannabis legalization continues to expand across the country, this category is rising in popularity. It’s a familiar delivery method that has very few additional ingredients and allows for very precise dosing. It is especially popular among the older generation, and those who cannot have sugar. Similar to other categories of edibles, there are both regular and fast-acting options available, as well as energizing, relaxing options and hybrid options.

Within all these types of edibles, you’ll find options with various ratios of CBD to THC available, indicated by 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, 20:1, etc.  As you experience the effects of different products, you’ll come to learn your preferences.  If you move to another state from Colorado, let’s say, your favorite brands may not be available due to the fact that cannabis is not legal nationally as of yet, so if you know your preferred ratio, you can use that information as a basis on choosing new products.  (Brands do love hearing from their customers, so let them know if you can’t find them!)

Know that not all edibles are psychoactive.  There’s a large market of full- and broad-spectrum CBD products in all the forms mentioned above which contain .03% THC or less.   There are also products containing just CBD isolate, meaning there are no traces of other cannabinoids present.

One last note, a great reminder pertaining to edibles – start with a low dose to first gauge how your body responds, and then wait patiently.  If you feel you’d like an additional amount, wait at least another hour or more so you don’t end up taking more than you’d like.

With all these options, what are you going to choose?  Find the type edibles you most want to try at your local dispensary by browsing our online menu.